Gearing Up for Your New Commercial
Construction Project

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Gearing Up for Your New Commercial
Construction Project

As a contractor, you’d surely agree that every new commercial construction project is an opportunity to beef up your portfolio with another job well done. However, this is only possible if you deliver quality. While the term “quality construction” gets floated around a lot, let’s take a serious look at what really constitutes quality.

A sound structure and premium finish are only a part of the whole quality quotient. Aside from having a knockout-looking building, it is equally important to ensure the quality and integrity of the building’s integrated systems, including HVAC. After all, these systems greatly contribute to the level of comfort and convenience of using a commercial building space.

To score high across all of the exterior and interior aspects of a new commercial construction, there must be zero tolerance for mistakes and mediocrity. This is only possible when you choose the most efficient materials for your commercial construction and renovation project from reliable suppliers.

Finding the Right Supplier

While maximizing profits is one of the main goals of contractors in commercial and residential construction, it should not be met at the expense of quality. If a client is unhappy with some details and systems, it chips away at your reputation as a builder, threatening your business’s reputation.

Excellence must be incorporated from the ground up (literally!) and in every phase of construction. Working with reliable suppliers and sub-contractors throughout the process of new commercial construction helps you achieve this. Otherwise, parts and system components are bound to break down and cause inconvenience, back jobs, or even lawsuits.

Edison Parker and Associates, a trusted mechanical systems and services provider in New York and New Jersey, deeply understands the mechanical aspects of commercial structures and how these systems should run to ensure optimal building quality. With over two decades of experience, we are the supplier and service provider of choice of mechanical systems for large industrial facilities in the tri-state area, including hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and real estate complexes.

At every step of the new commercial construction project, Edison Parker aligns with your goals to provide you with the tools you need to not only build well, but to build great.

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    As you define the project's requirements and identify solutions, you can count on Edison Parker for delivery of a wide range of equipment and mechanical services designed to give your new commercial construction project the edge.

    We are your source for top-quality pumps and motors, blowers and roof fans, control systems, cooling towers, heating systems, and ventilation systems that efficiently fit the building project’s specifications and budget.

    Edison Parker understands that commercial property construction is mainly about maximizing the client’s return on investment. To this end, the contractor has to minimize the risk of losses and make the project worthy of its commercial value. With our customizable HVAC solutions, we help you fill the requirements and fulfill the purpose of the project.

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    Commercial construction management entails sound planning. This stage of creating the project’s roadmap and identifying the scope of work requires a commercial pre-construction checklist that details the budget, work scope, work structure, schedules, critical paths, communication plans, procurement plans, and site safety, among other crucial factors. It’s vital to equip the team with the right knowledge and supplies in each stage and aspect of the project to make it easier for them to stick with the plan.

    Integrated systems, including an HVAC system, must be clearly planned out to align with expectations and budget. Information about suitable commercial heating systems, types of HVAC units recommended for the structure, commercial HVAC installation cost, commercial HVAC system cost, and HVAC labor rates, in general, should be detailed in the plan.

    To incorporate aesthetics and technical and mechanical excellence into the plan, it’s important to pick a partner or supplier that has good references, is easy to communicate with, has reliable supply availability, and provides expert assistance each step of the way.

    Edison Parker provides you with free estimates and access to the right products and services to help you materialize your plan so that no engineering, design, and mechanical detail gets compromised.

    Our company allows you to have the optimum choice among different types of commercial HVAC systems so you can choose the best one for your current project. You will also have a good understanding of the average cost of commercial HVAC systems, commercial rooftop HVAC units prices, and commercial HVAC per square foot cost through our commercial HVAC cost estimator. With this, you can develop a more detailed proposal and plan.

    For renovations to commercial structures, we also evaluate the existing system for efficiency and performance, and tailor solutions that fit the project requirements.

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    Implementing the project plan requires proper resource allocation, efficient task assignment, status meetings, and progress tracking. It’s essential to stick to the budget and schedules and properly communicate any variations necessary during construction. This stage is where the client, the workforce, and the suppliers must work closely together.

    You can count on Edison Parker to be on-site as scheduled for proper and timely implementation and installation. We make sure that the setup of the mechanicals systems will be aligned with the plan requirements. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from installation to testing.

    Furthermore, Edison Parker will keep communication lines open for service requests, updates, and advice to meet your time-sensitive requirements.

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    During execution or implementation of the plan, all actions must align with it. Quality control is key to ensuring that all teams comply with the plan, and variations are within agreed parameters.

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) must be regularly monitored and audited. These include cost, changes, quality and quantity of deliverables, and fulfillment of objectives.

    In line with this, you can rest assured that Edison Parker will adhere to the agreed price, quality, delivery schedule, installation, and assistance provision from start to finish.

    Edison Parker will help you monitor the compliance of your HVAC system with the standards and requirements of your engineering plan. This is done by holding regular meetings, updates, and consultations.

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    Project Completion

    The entire project process will determine the result of the completed project delivered to the client. As such, documentations and punch lists must be accomplished to furnish all parties—contractor, sub-contractors, client, and suppliers—with details of accomplished work.

    In this final stage, you can continue to rely on Edison Parker to provide explanations of the new mechanical systems to the client, warranty offers, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacements, and discussing availability of maintenance services.

    This is also the best time to learn lessons from the process and keep the best commercial construction services and partnership experience to prepare for your next project.

Why Choose Edison Parker and Associates?

  • Extensive Experience: As a leader in the industry, Edison Parker has grown from a sales and marketing company offering mechanical replacement parts and new replacement units to a full-service company that has a fully-equipped machine shop, a team of in-house mechanical staff, and a fleet of service vehicles. We adhere to the highest standards of product quality, technical team expertise, and customer service.
  • Provider of High-Quality Materials: We carry top-tier products from globally-trusted brands. We also customize systems to meet high-specification requirements of clients from diverse industries.
    Our commitment to excellence in service has made us the partner of choice of many contractors in the New York and New Jersey area.
  • Quick Response and Turnaround Time: Edison Parker is known for its efficiency and promptness in service. We take care of mechanical systems in commercial buildings and residential developments with utmost professionalism, and deliver work right on schedule even for rush construction and renovation projects.
    The company also provides 24-hour service for any emergency repair needs in the commercial building post system installation to limit downtimes and inconvenience.
  • Reasonable Prices: Our wide range of product models and services can accommodate various budget ranges. We provide technical assistance and advice to help you maximize systems through cost-efficient products and reliable maintenance services.
    Each product we offer is value-adding to your construction project and designed to eliminate unnecessary costs arising from sub-standard quality products.
  • Easy to Work With: We are easy to reach for questions, updates, and requests, and our team is closely involved with every phase of your construction project from the ground up. Every installation is personally monitored by our technical experts to ensure quality and long-term reliability of the systems.
    When you work with us, you get access to our customer service 24/7 for any technical assistance you may need.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Servicing: Even the best quality HVAC operating systems need proper maintenance to minimize risks of breakdowns and maximize their lifecycle. However, you should only entrust system maintenance to experts.
    Delivering reliable commercial HVAC maintenance services for many years, the Edison Parker technical team has been the contractor of choice among property managers and building owners. Our maintenance and service packages ensure and sustain quality post-delivery.

Let’s Discuss Your Next Project

Edison Parker is looking forward to seeing your next project take shape with only the best systems reinforcing its quality. We are the credible partner of contractors requiring stringent quality standards for in-house systems for a wide range of properties, including commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, factories, and large residential complexes.

We offer a full spectrum of mechanical systems, products, replacement parts, technical assistance, and repair and maintenance services. Our one-stop shop serves as a convenient source of premium quality mechanical equipment for construction projects that require reliable systems ranging from heating and cooling, pumping systems, to water and sewage systems.

Talk to us for free product quotes and estimates for your construction requirements. At Edison Parker, we help you accomplish your projects with mechanical expertise, and offer support within easy reach anytime.

With Edison Parker, you can minimize bumps in execution and quality inconsistencies to ensure deliverables that satisfy clients and enhance your project portfolio.