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HVAC Emergencies and Commercial Repairs
with Edison Parker

No air. No heat. No cooling. A commercial HVAC emergency that plummets the temperatures or sends them soaring can lead to downtime that negatively impacts the environment in your facility. A malfunctioning mechanical ventilation system that becomes contaminated can worsen asthma problems and allergies as well. These unexpected failures can happen even with well-maintained operating systems. The discomfort and inconveniences are multiplied in a commercial setting where many people are affected.

When you need an emergency mechanical repair, when your commercial controls or pump controllers aren’t working, your first question is, “Where’s a 24-hour emergency appliance repair near me?”

Call our 24-hour service center to report your problem and we’ll work with our trademark efficiency and honesty to fix it. At Edison Parker, we use the latest engineering advancements and the most advanced technical servicing tools to limit your downtime, discomfort, and inconvenience.

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Repair Service:

(718) 768-1600

Why Call Edison Parker

Immediate Service

We respond immediately, and we aim to complete emergency repairs with minimum downtime to you. The timescale can depend on the type of repair needed, but our aim is to complete emergency repairs no later than the day after you reach out to us.

Extensive Experience

Our 25+ years of commercial system repair experience means we offer you calm, prompt service, with the right tools and expertise. We have a commitment to serve each client until the emergency repair is resolved and their commercial operating system is up and running.

In-house Service

We don’t use outside contractors. By exclusively using our own in-house engineers, we have direct control over the quality of their work. Since our staff are permanent, we know that they have the motivation and skills to deliver excellent service.

When There’s a Problem

Modern technology has brought tremendous improvements to every field in society. Life is easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. However, our reliance on technology means that when something isn’t working right, we are well and truly stuck.Emergency situations can put the health, safety, or security of many people at risk. Unfortunately, they can, and most likely will, happen to all businesses at some point, and at any given time of the day or night. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair service. In an emergency situation, you want reliable technicians who are highly skilled and have a broad range of experience in mechanical, electrical, and control systems. You want team members who are able to resolve emergency operation system repairs within a few hours. Thanks to our experience, we can offer emergency mechanical system repairs and emergency appliance repairs promptly and with expertise.

Emergencies include:
  • Loss of heating, air conditioning, or ventilation
  • Water system problems that cut off the main water supply
  • Burst plumbing that causes flooding
  • Burst storage tanks, cylinders, or pipes
  • Loss of hot water
  • Sewage overflow

Basic Self-Help Tips for Emergencies

Excess heat and cold aren’t just uncomfortable. Studies show that as temperatures climb, our ability to tackle cognitive tasks declines. An analysis of 600 million tweets shows that we’re more likely to express depressive feelings in hotter temperatures. At the other extreme, cold, dry air creates an environment that is more stable for viruses, therefore more infectious for humans. Cold weather also increases the stress on our cardiovascular system and causes problems for asthma sufferers. This means that if the air conditioner, commercial HVAC system, or heating system isn’t working at your facility, you’ll be looking for emergency air conditioning repair services, emergency commercial HVAC repair services, or heating repair services.

Before you make the call for emergency service repair, here are several tips that can save your time and money:

  • Check the power supply. Sometimes, machinery stops because there has been a power outage.
  • If you see that the machinery isn’t getting power, reset the system.
  • If your automated system isn’t working, you may need to switch it on by hand.
  • Check your thermostat to make sure that the air conditioning or heat hasn’t been turned off.
  • Go to your circuit box and check to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped. Check if a fuse has blown. You can often restart a system that has stopped working by shutting it off and then manually returning the switch to “on.”

Edison Parker Emergency Repair Service

When you call Edison Parker for emergency commercial repair, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Within about ten minutes of your call, one of our skilled technicians will get back to you and begin troubleshooting your problem over the phone.
  2. If this does not resolve the problem, we’ll dispatch a qualified technician to assess the extent of commercial repair needed.
  3. We’ll do whatever we can to restore your operating system to optimal performance as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our common goal is to resolve your HVAC emergencies or mechanical system repair issues with minimum delay and cost.
  4. We’ll discuss your commercial repair options and give you a quote that includes complete details about which parts we can rework and which parts need to be replaced.

Easy Maintenance Tips

  • Air filters. If the air conditioning unit of your HVAC system seems to be functioning, but isn’t producing enough cool air, the problem may be dirty air filters. Dirty filters can become clogged and prevent adequate air flow, so clean or replace your air filters every few months.
  • Strong odors. Does your cool air smell musty or moldy? Unpleasant odors are usually caused by water accumulation in the drain lines or ducts of your system. Having your system professionally deep-cleaned should fix this problem quickly.
Many emergency calls can be prevented with regular servicing and maintenance. Contact us to inquire about a service contract.

Emergency HVAC Repair for Commercial Facilities

An HVAC system is responsible for heating and cooling a building. It also provides ventilation and allows moisture to escape. HVAC problems can happen when you least expect them. While domestic HVAC emergencies can cause discomfort, commercial HVAC emergencies can impact your business negatively and lead to downtime on a larger scale. By contacting a commercial HVAC contractor immediately, you can limit the damage and get back to regular operation quickly. Here are some types of HVAC emergencies to look out for:

  • Complete system failure. Your system suddenly stops or doesn’t turn on. Air conditioning does more than cool a facility, though. It also plays a key role in removing moisture from the air. Without a properly working air conditioning system, you can experience high levels of humidity, which can lead to home damage, mold growth, and respiratory problems.
  • Noise. Strange, loud noises are a sign that your HVAC system has malfunctioned.
  • Burning smells. A burning smell can indicate several problems: your system is overheating dangerously, the motor is burning, something is stuck in the motor, or part of the electrical connections have been lost. If you smell burning, deactivate your air conditioning system immediately to prevent the risk of fire. Call in a commercial emergency air conditioner repair service as quickly as possible.

Emergency Commercial Control System Repair

Pump controls are electric motors that power mechanical pumps. Pump controllers include power components to control the pump motor, sensors to protect the pump, and pilot devices for operator control. Additional sensors are used to monitor the process for automatic pump operation. A pump control system is built to last, so you won’t usually find that it stops working. Sometimes, however, usually due to an electricity outage, something in the control panel can be burned out and the control system will fail. In this case, you won’t have advance notice and you’ll have less chance of knowing what has failed.

In buildings with a building management system (BMS), any failure in the ventilation and pump systems, or the lighting and security systems will generate a message to the superintendent’s phone. Depending on the system failure, the superintendent will then contact an emergency heat and air conditioning repair company, emergency hot water heater repair company, or cooling tower repair company.

Emergency Commercial Heat Repair

Heat pumps provide heating and cooling from a single unit. If your heat pump fails, you can troubleshoot the failure yourself by first checking the power supply and resetting the system. If these steps don’t help, you should contact an auto heating system repair company. They can help you with the following problems:

  • Ice accumulation. A dirty air filter or refrigerant leak leads to iced-over coils. A heating repair service technician can determine the source of the problem. If the heat pump’s refrigerant is low, he will seal the leak and refill the unit.
  • Damaged coil or grounded wire. These reduce the efficiency of a heat pump and lead to an increase in cost because your heat pump is not operating at its optimum level.
  • Loud Noise. Mechanical groaning, grinding, or rattling are signs that it is time for a heating repair service.

Emergency Commercial Blower and Fan Repair

A mechanical ventilation system that includes commercial blowers and industrial roof exhaust fans won’t usually stop working without advance warning. Our experience shows that typically, you’ll hear noises that you’ll be tempted to ignore. In some cases, you’ll notice that the blower isn’t blowing with the force that you’re used to.

Emergency commercial blower and fan repairs include overhauling, grouting, reconditioning, performance testing, hot tank and steam cleaning, sand blasting, milling, balancing, horizontal boring, and laser alignment.

Emergency Commercial Pump Repair

All pumps benefit from regular servicing. This includes checking oil level and consistency, inspecting and cleaning inlet filters, checking for oil and water leaks, inspecting the belts and clutch, tightening the nuts, bolts, and fastener, replacing the oil seals and O-rings.

Emergency Sump Pump Repair

Sump pumps are commonly used in settings where basement flooding happens regularly. They also solve dampness issues where the water table is above the foundation of a home. Flooding can happen if the:

  • Sump pump is clogged
  • Motor has burned out
  • Pump is disconnected

Call an emergency sump pump repair contractor to prevent damage to your property, significant additional costs and in extreme cases, even fines or legal action.

Edison Parker is proud to offer its clients honest, reliable, and fast emergency services. “Recently, we dispatched a technician to deal with a reported flood,” says Asher Landau, office service manager at Edison Parker. “But when we arrived at the location, there was no flood to be seen. At Edison Parker, we’re there for our clients. Even when there isn’t the emergency they claimed.”

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