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Roof Fans

Roof fans provide ventilation for indoor spaces with poor circulation. A roof fan provides ventilation by pushing hot air from an indoor space outside. It is often installed above attics that are not attached to a home’s air conditioning and heating systems to regulate the temperature. Based in Brooklyn, New York, and providing service across New York and New Jersey, Edison Parker’s selection of roof fans include attic fans, industrial exhaust roof fans, commercial kitchen roof fans, and standard roof vent fans for sale to cater to many indoor environments that require increased ventilation.

Call us at 718.768.1600
for all your roof fan needs
in New York City


Where can I buy a roof fan near me?

Edison Parker offers multiple roof fan models for sale in New York and New Jersey. Our selection caters to different setups and environments. Browse our selection of roof fans, or contact us to speak with a professional and discuss your needs and preferences.

Can I maintain my roof fan on my own?

Roof fans do not require much maintenance, but you can maintain your roof fan by periodically cleaning the fan shutters, lubricating the oil ports, and washing the fan blades every 2-3 years. It is also best to have your roof fan serviced by an HVAC every few years to ensure optimal performance.

How can I request roof fan repairs and services?

You can either fill out our repairs and services request form, or call us at 718.768.1600 to ask all of your roof fan questions. Our Brooklyn and Toms River based roof fan technicians troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair systems across New York and New Jersey.

How do I know if my roof fan needs repairing?

If the blades of your roof fan stop turning or you notice a shift in your attic’s temperature, these are signs to contact a repair specialist. You might also notice that the blades move but there is no airflow; this is another issue which will require professional repair.