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Edison Parker has been providing premiere pump service to customers in New York City’s five boroughs and the Tri-State Region since 1997. We take pride in our prompt, efficient and professional pump service as well as provide a high level of courteous customer care and competitive prices.
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Industrial and utility blowers circulate air and ensure proper ventilation. A blower operates like a fan to circulate air within a space. Industrial spaces can often become humid due to heat from production, so the blower uses fans to circulate the air and push out the humidity. A blower can also be set up in any commercial or residential space to regulate temperature and humidity and contribute to healthy ventilation.

Edison Parker offers a selection of blowers for sale in New York and New Jersey, with options for sales, setup and maintenance. Our team of professionals can also diagnose problems with your existing blower and provide repair, replacement and regular maintenance, depending on the nature of your blower’s issue.

Call us at 718.768.1600
for all your pump needs
in New York City


How do I know if my blower needs repairing?

Some signs to call for repairs are an unpleasant or burning smell emitting from your blower, unusual noise, and lack of airflow from any vents. These are common indications of an issue, but pay attention to any changes to your system and call an experienced mechanical expert if you are concerned about any changes you see.

How can I keep my blower running smoothly?

For regular maintenance, you can power down the machine and wipe down the blades with a cloth to remove dust and buildup. You can also periodically check that the screws are tightly in place. For a deeper clean or more complex maintenance, contact a professional.

Where can I buy a utility blower near me?

Edison Parker offers multiple utility and industrial blowers for sale. Our selection caters to different setups and environments. Browse our selection of blowers on the page, or contact us to speak with a professional and discuss your needs and preferences.

How can I request blower repairs and services?

You can either fill out our repairs and services request form, or call us at 718.768.1600 to ask all of your blower questions. Our Brooklyn based blower technicians will troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your blower systems across New York and New Jersey.

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