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Read our growing collection of valuable articles about all things
related to commercial and mechanical energy, operating systems,
safety care, proper maintenance, and purchasing tips.

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EDISON PARKER & ASSOCIATES INC. was founded in 1997 as a sales and marketing company for all mechanical replacement parts, as well as new replacement units, to large facilities such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and large real estate... read more

Edison Parker Blogs

Read our growing collection of valuable articles about all things
related to commercial and mechanical energy, operating systems,
safety care, proper maintenance, and purchasing tips.

Since 1997, Edison Parker has been proudly servicing the real estate industry, health care facilities, hotels, restaurants and factories in NY and NJ with operating system installation, maintenance, and repair. Read our blogs to glean insight from the experts on how to best care for your industrial operating systems.

What You Need to Know About Fire Pumps in Your Business

FIre safety is essential in all areas, from your home to the commercial and public buildings all around you...

How to Renovate a Commercial Building Step by Step Guide

Commercial construction and renovation are sometimes optional, such as if a business is considering an upgraded appearance...

Water Pressure Booster Systems for High-Rise Buildings

Water pressure challenges in high-rise apartment and commercial buildings are a common problem. Sometimes, water pressure can be too low to allow water...

How Cooling Towers Work in Commercial HVAC

Cooling towers are an essential component of commercial and industrial HVAC systems. They differ in size and design, depending on the scale of a project, the...

Guide to Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial building HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are mechanical ventilation systems designed to keep occupants warm or cool...

Commercial HVAC Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Much like a residential HVAC system, commercial HVAC systems are responsible for creating a comfortable temperature-controlled environment for a building...

How to Protect Commercial Building HVAC Systems From Extreme Weather

Mechanical systems, such as industrial HVAC systems and commercial heating systems, are essential to a well-oiled...

What Is Commercial Modular Construction?

Commercial modular buildings are replacing traditional construction methods with prefabricated components that can be quickly set up and used. These code...

How To Observe National Safety Month 2022

The National Safety Council (NSC) observes National Safety Month every year in June. As a non-profit organization, NSC and its panel of experts play a crucial role...

HVAC Emergencies and Commercial Repairs with Edison Parker

No air. No heat. No cooling. A commercial HVAC emergency that plummets the temperatures or sends them soaring can...

Commercial Energy Saving Tips for Business

With the cost of energy skyrocketing, it is more important than ever to ensure your commercial business is employing energy-saving tips. Whether you’re a high-end...

Delivering Reliable Service and Quality Parts for Mechanical System Purchases & Repairs in NY and NJ

Edison Parker is a leading provider of mechanical parts and repairs in New York...

NY and NJ’s Premier Mechanical Service Company Goes Cutting Edge

“I was always mechanically inclined,” he says. “From an early age, I was able to take apart appliances and reassemble them...

How to Choose Your Mechanical Service Provider in NY and NJ

Choosing a provider for complete mechanical services in NY and NJ isn't an easy task. The number of mechanical service companies has grown in recent...

How to Plan for and Prevent Workplace Emergencies

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether a business is faced with a tornado, a criminal attack or a chemical spill, their level of preparedness will affect the...

Proactive Risk Management: What It Is and Why You Need it

We live in a world full of risks, and accidents and mishaps occur daily. This is especially true in commercial facilities. As the size and occupancy are multiplied, so...

Gearing Up for Your New Commercial Construction Project

As a contractor, you’d surely agree that every new commercial construction project is an opportunity to beef up your portfolio...



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my blower needs repairing?

Some signs to call for repairs are an unpleasant or burning smell emitting from your blower, unusual noise, and lack of airflow from any vents. These are common indications of an issue, but pay attention to any changes to your system and call an experienced mechanical expert if you are concerned about any changes you see.

How do I choose the right size motor for my mechanical operating system?

If you choose a motor that is too large you run the danger of overpowering the system, which could result in burnout and damage to the pump and the overall system. If you choose one that is too weak it could also result in a poorly operating system, and a reduced life for the motor because it has to work too hard to pull power.
You’ll need a motor that is strong enough to run the system that you’re hooking it up to. This means you’ll want to discuss the overall benefits and features of the motor with the company that is installing your system. You may also want to discuss it with the company responsible for repairs on the motor and other operating parts of the system.

Can I maintain a cooling tower on my own, or do I need professionals to do it?

While it is possible that you could maintain a cooling tower on your own, it’s going to be extremely complex and time consuming. Not to mention you’ll need to go through a great deal of training to be able to do it properly. All of this is going to take you away from the other things that you need to do within your company.
The most efficient way to deal with your cooling tower is to follow the professional’s advice on smart maintenance and have them on speed dial for urgent issues.

Where can I buy a roof fan near me?

Edison Parker offers multiple roof fan models for sale in New York and New Jersey. Our selection caters to different setups and environments. Browse our selection of roof fans, or contact us to speak with a professional and discuss your needs and preferences.

How do I find the right person to set up my control system?

Call Edison Parker for any of your control system needs. Whether you need pump controls, a heat pump control board, water pump control box, or anything else for your system, our team can get this up and running for you really quickly. Simply ask us for a quote request and we’ll be sure to follow up with you.