How to Renovate a Commercial Building Step by Step Guide

Commercial construction and renovation are sometimes optional, such as if a business is considering an upgraded appearance or equipment. Other times, commercial building work is critical to the function and efficiency of the building.

Whether you’re considering office remodeling services to improve aesthetics or commercial renovations to repair broken down mechanical systems such as replacing a malfunctioning HVAC system, it is essential to know the steps for success.

This article shares critical information about commercial building renovation services, from initial things to consider to the necessary steps for success.

Commercial Renovation – Things to Consider

Before diving into your commercial property renovation or a commercial remodeling adventure, there are a few key things to consider.

  • How long will the project take? Simple tasks like swapping out carpets can take as little as a few days. Large-scale projects, like adding an entire new floor to a building, can easily take up to a year (or longer). Be sure to allow extra time in the schedule for unexpected delays that may crop up and push out the project completion date.
  • How much do you have to spend? Knowing your budget is critical. Do your homework to discover essential information, such as the cost of the commercial renovation contractor, supplies, equipment, etc. Then, decide if you have the budget to meet your needs.
  • Will you need to shut down? Large-scale projects may require the business to shut down or relocate, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you can have contractors working during off hours or the weekends. You can temporarily move or place a curtain to separate the functional space from the nonfunctional area.

Commercial Building Renovation Checklist

Wondering how to renovate a commercial building successfully? Below, you will find the four steps to renovate your business successfully. The steps remain the same whether you’re engaging in a business office remodel, renovation of a restaurant, or fixing up a rundown apartment complex.

  • 1
    Create a Game Plan

    The first step to commercial office renovation, and other types of commercial renovations, is to create a game plan. During this pre-planning period, you will need to meet with other owners, investors, etc. (if applicable) to learn their thoughts and ideas about the renovation.

    During this time, you will also need to know and understand the ultimate “goal.” Are you remodeling an apartment for aesthetics, or are you looking to install or improve current mechanical systems to reduce energy costs?

  • 2
    Hire an Architect and / or Contractor

    The second step in “how to renovate a commercial building” is to find a professional to work with. Keep in mind that two types of professionals may be involved: an architect and a contractor. Architects will be necessary for redesigning if required. Commercial remodeling contractors perform the “grunt work” and will bring the vision to life.

    Meet with and get bids from many commercial renovation companies. To help you decide which commercial renovation company to choose for your project, make sure to check their references, licenses, and portfolios. Ensure the business has insurance.

    Once you’ve decided, the commercial remodeling contractor will put together an in-depth contract for you to sign.

  • 3
    Work Begins

    Now that the contract is in place, it’s time for the work to begin. Remember that you will need to prepare your commercial business for the upcoming work. This means designating parking spots, clearing the area, and preparing your tenants for what’s coming up.

    When the work gets started, several steps may be involved, depending on the project. For the most part, most commercial construction and renovation involves these steps:

    • Demolition. Most commercial building renovations will require demolition in order for the new work to be implemented. This can take up quite a bit of time and will be the noisiest portion of the renovation. The air quality may be affected, and certain utilities may need to shut off.
    • Dealing with unforeseen damages. Demolition can unveil problems unseen by the commercial building owner, such as leaks or pests. These issues will need to be cleared before work can continue.
    • Framing. Essentially, framing involves putting the structure together, such as the walls and roof. It is the structural portion of the renovation.
    • Permitting. Inspectors will come by to ensure everything is being done up to code. While they will come many times throughout the renovation, the first trip typically occurs after framing.
    • Mechanicals put in place. Now, it’s time for the mechanical portion of the renovation. Here, professionals will put the HVAC, plumbing, and other systems in place.
    • Finishing touches. Lastly, renovation experts will fill the gaps with drywall and place essential items, such as outlets.
  • 4
    Work is Completed / Walkthrough

    The final step in “how to renovate a commercial building” is the walkthrough. This is done when the project is finished or at least very close to being finished. The office remodeling contractors will walk you through the renovated area to ensure it meets or exceeds your standards.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, now is the time to voice them. Otherwise, the project will be determined as “completed.”

Commercial Building Renovation: Mechanical Systems

Are you thinking about renovating your commercial building? One thing you need to consider is the mechanical systems. You may need to add additional equipment to accommodate the new, larger space or replace an old, inefficient HVAC.

Regardless of why you need a new mechanical system, the process is relatively the same as a full-fledged renovation

If you’re adding mechanical systems as part of a large-scale renovation, professional commercial renovation contractors will add the new system during the “mechanical” stage of the renovation. The system needed will be discussed during the pre-planning stages and placed in the contract before work begins.

If you’re solely renovating your commercial building to improve a worn-down mechanical system, the process will look like this:

  • Pre-planning. Like any other commercial renovation, it starts with a goal and a plan. Discuss your budget and what you plan to accomplish by swapping out your older system
  • Discuss with a professional. The expert can look at important details, such as floor plans and occupancy, to decide on the appropriate mechanical systems. They will determine whether custom fabrication is required to support the new system.
  • Work begins. Once you’ve settled on the details and signed the contract, the team will work hard to install your new system – including heat pumps, A/C units, etc. Custom fabrication may also be necessary to tailor these systems to suit your needs.
  • Final steps. After the mechanical systems have successfully been installed, the team will place thermostats, automatic systems, and other essential features to ensure your new unit operates smoothly and efficiently.

Some questions you might ask along the way include:

  • How much does a new commercial HVAC system cost? The cost will vary depending on the project, but a commercial HVAC system cost can be anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.
  • What is the cost to add second HVAC zone? Need to add a new zone? You can expect to pay at least a few thousand, depending on the project.
  • How much for commercial furnace repair? Repairs cost less than a new 5-ton commercial AC unit. You should only have to pay a few hundred for most repairs.

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