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Edison Parker has been providing premiere pump service to customers in New York City’s five boroughs and the Tri-State Region since 1997. We take pride in our prompt, efficient and professional pump service as well as provide a high level of courteous customer care and competitive prices.
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Edison Parker Motors

Motors are an essential part of your mechanical operating system. It’s what gets every single component of the operating system running, and what keeps it running. You need a motor that is optimized for the scope of operations and other mechanical pieces that are part of your system. In a commercial system, you may need a large motor to run an entire cooling tower, or a small motor to run a piece of the system.

At Edison Parker, you’ll find a team of professionals who will walk you through all the intricacies of industrial motors, and advise you on which motor repair, replacement part, or purchase is for your specific commercial or industrial needs. We service all of your motor needs in New York and New Jersey.


How do I choose the right size motor for my mechanical operating system?

If you choose a motor that is too large you run the danger of overpowering the system, which could result in burnout and damage to the pump and the overall system. If you choose one that is too weak it could also result in a poorly operating system, and a reduced life for the motor because it has to work too hard to pull power.

You’ll need a motor that is strong enough to run the system that you’re hooking it up to. This means you’ll want to discuss the overall benefits and features of the motor with the company that is installing your system. You may also want to discuss it with the company responsible for repairs on the motor and other operating parts of the system.

When should I have maintenance done on my commercial motor?

You want to make sure that you have regular maintenance done on your pump motor, which will generally include having a professional look at it every year. This doesn’t mean that you need to have your motor replaced or even repaired that frequently, but you do want it inspected often enough so that you can catch minor issues before they turn into larger issues.

If you call a motor repair service company when there’s already a problem it may take longer to fix. This can mean longer downtime and more extensive, more expensive repairs — or even a complete replacement instead of repair.

Where can I get my motor serviced?

You can talk to us at Edison Parker for any problems you have with your current motor or new motor needs. If you need electric motor repair or you need motors for sale, we can come to you and help you figure out just what it will take to get you back up and running. Simply fill out our services form and we’ll be glad to help.