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EDISON PARKER & ASSOCIATES INC. was founded in 1997 as a sales and marketing company for all mechanical replacement parts, as well as new replacement units, to large facilities such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and large real estate... read more

NY and NJ’s Premier Mechanical
Service Company Goes Cutting Edge

Jeff Feldman, CEO at Edison Parker, wasn’t born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth;
he was born with a screwdriver in one hand and a set of hex keys in the other.

“I was always mechanically inclined,” he says. “From an early age, I was able to take apart appliances and reassemble them without having any screws left behind. By the time I was thirteen or fourteen years old, I was regularly repairing faucets that dripped, installing light fittings, and troubleshooting electric outages.” Luckily for Jeff, his brother was willing to supplement missing manpower when he took on more complex projects.

A few years later, Jeff’s foray into the job market led to a managerial position in a mechanical services company. His early experience meant that Jeff could bring hands-on experience to the administrative position. This synergistic combo allowed Jeff to take the company to the next level.

An Advanced Mechanical Services Company is Born
In 1997, Jeff founded Edison Parker and Associates Inc., a sales and marketing company for all mechanical replacement parts. Starting with a single phone line operating close to home, Edison Parker slowly evolved into an industry that needed its own premises, service fleet, and qualified technicians. Business grew steadily and it didn’t take long for satisfied customers to demand more than replacement parts. “What started with one client asking for electric motor repair and heat pump system repair that they could rely on snowballed into many clients,” says Jeff. Two short years after its inception, Edison Parker became a complete mechanical service company with a machine shop. The machine shop provides professional pump repair, overhaul and refurbishment of parts with the rapid and reliable turnaround that is Edison Parker’s hallmark. We tailor our services to suit your individual needs and helps you find the water, fire, sewage, or submersible pump that is best for you.

Continued Growth
At Edison Parker, every technician has a broad electromechanical engineering background. Technicians continually add to their own experience with regular and up-to-date training sessions that enable team members to continually hone their skills. Our highly-skilled technicians are trained to help you find the best equipment to suit your industrial, commercial, or domestic needs. And our continued growth means that Edison Parker’s service team of more than 14 technicians is always on hand to service, repair, and replace all models of pumps, motors, control panels, systems, and the associated equipment. Our on-site engineers are specially trained to carry out most site applications, including fault-finding, servicing, and maintenance. Because Edison Parker works on an in-house basis, every stage from design, to installation, to maintenance is carried out by our company technicians. This way, instead of dealing with a range of contractors, you have one reference point for all your mechanical operating systems.

Towards the Future
As an advanced mechanical services company, Edison Parker uses cutting-edge technology to keep your systems running at optimal performance. By using sophisticated monitoring tools, our technicians can inspect areas that are physically hard to reach.

Edison Parker is also at the forefront of industrial changes that include new and better equipment that can lead to cost savings for your business. “Fifteen years ago, the industry worked with manual controls, switches, contacts, and relays. It’s been a speedy change to higher efficiency equipment and variable frequency drive (VFD) controls,” says Asher Landau. Without VFD, your equipment runs at a fixed speed. The system is either on or off. VFD management systems control the frequency of the electrical power supplied to pumps or fans by adjusting the flow or pressure to meet the actual demand. This means that power consumption and wear-and-tear are both reduced.

Human Machine Interface, or HMI, refers to a dashboard or screen that is used to control machinery. Line operators and managers in industrial or commercial industries, as well as supervisors in hospitals, nursing homes, or large residential complexes rely on HMIs to translate complex data into useful information. “HMIs can help building supervisors monitor machinery and make sure that it's working properly. Any failure will show up on the screen,” says Asher.

A Look at Edison Parker Today


Edison Parker is proud to be a one-stop source for pumps and quality motors in NY and in NJ, with over 350 commercial accounts.

Over the past 25+ years in business, Edison Parker has made several moves to bigger premises to accommodate their growing needs.

We serve many industries, including the real estate industry, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and factories.

We supply, repair, maintain, and install all types of pumping equipment, including cooling tower pumps, boiler pumps, and HVAC pumps with above-average response times.

The Relationship Matters
Choosing a reliable contractor is as critical as choosing the right equipment to fit your needs. Which is exactly why Edison Parker aims to build a relationship with clients. “As a leading pump and motor company, we don’t only offer friendly and reliable service for all major brands,” says Jeff. “We know your building and your equipment. We know what you need. At Edison Parker, we offer courteous and efficient service that you can rely on.”
Low maintenance costs are what keep every business running at a profit. Edison Parker works on several fronts simultaneously to help clients keep maintenance costs low:

  • Experience - Thanks to our experience, we’re able to find effective, low-cost solutions more easily. Our technicians are able to offer effective and workable advice because we’ve seen more.
  • Buying power - With our knowledge of buying power, we’re able to pass on discounts to our customers.
  • Machine shop - If a part isn’t available on the market, we can reverse engineer the part to save you from having to replace the unit. We’ll also work to replace damaged or eroded parts.

The Personal Touch
The effects of a faulty pump or failed parts can cause ripple effects that affect hundreds of people at once. Whether it’s for a commercial vacuum pump or cooling tower repair, Edison Parker offers 24-hour emergency service. If you’re left without heat, air conditioning, water, or sewage facilities, we’ll respond quickly to troubleshoot the cause of your mechanical failure and solve your emergency as soon as possible.

This was exactly what happened in the Upper West Side when a residential building populated with about 120 senior residents lost their water in the middle of the night. As a reputable complete mechanical services company in NY and in NJ, Edison Parker guarantees response times that exceed the industry average.

“We’ve serviced the building for several years and the building supervisor knew that there
was a good chance that we’d be able to fix the problem before the morning,” Jeff says.

“The supervisor called our emergency number, and we promptly sent in a crew to troubleshoot the problem. When our technicians found the faulty pump, they called in a third technician of ours who made the trip to our machine shop to pick up a new pump. As suppliers, we stock pumps that range from half a horsepower to fifty horsepower. The team was able to install the new pump immediately. When the residents woke for their morning shower and coffee, they weren’t even aware that they’d narrowly avoided a water shortage.”

ile Edison Parker sees a couple of emergency calls every month, getting two calls in one night was unprecedented. Especially because that night was Thanksgiving night. “Our technician was on hand to troubleshoot the problem a short time after our client reported a flooded basement,” says Asher. “When he discovered that the sump pump had failed, he worked for over two hours to take apart, unclog, and reassemble the pump. A few hours later, we got a second emergency call involving a building that had no water pressure due to a faulty pressure switch. Despite the fact that it was a holiday weekend and that we were now dealing with a second emergency situation, we were able to pull it all off with our trademark efficiently and courtesy,” Asher ends.

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